TSCU The Sanskrit College and University

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University: The Sanskrit College and University

 Address: 1, Bankim Chatterjee Street, College Square, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073

Phone:  033 2241 1906

Chancellor: Governor of West Bengal

Courses: (B.A.), (B.Ed.), (B.Lib.Sc.), (B.J.), (M.Lib. Sc.), (M.A.),( Ph.D.), (M.Phil.)

University Type: Public

Total enrollment: 

Founded Year:  1824

Website: sanskritcollegeanduniversity.org.in

Vice-chancellor:  Dilipkumar Mohanta

Affiliated Colleges:

The foundation of Sanskrit College was laid during the British regime based on a recommendation by HT James Prinsep and Thomas Babington Macaulay. It was under the auspices of Rt. Honorable William Pit Amherst that John Paskal Larkins Esquire, a scholar of oracular knowledge laid the first foundation stone of the college in 1824.

Sanskrit is also taught at the post graduate level. The college has a library of distinction and scholarship comprising of more than 2 lakhs books and more than 20000 manuscripts including some rare ones. Noted for its immense historical importance the library is frequently visited by several scholars and academicians across the world for research purposes. The university, which is the member of Indian Association of Universities, publishes an annual Sanskrit magazine .  The university was set up for the development and preservation of the Sanskrit language and also to propagate and promote Sanskrit learning in the state. Sanskrit is considered as the evolutionary language for several languages spoken in these days.

It had played a major role in the social, cultural and religious transformation of thought during nineteenth century and was one of the pioneering institutions to steer in what came to be popularly regarded as the Bengal Renaissance in history. In terms of scholarship and intellectual output, Sanskrit College has contributed immensely to the enrichment of knowledge, growth, learning and development of ancient Indian society and interpretation of the ancient Indian texts. In this university students get placement service for those who got good marks in this university as well as with the good education. This university certified with the UGC department due to this facilities and good ranking and good education level this university has a good reputation in the search engine and good reviews also

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