AWU Assam Women’s University

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University: Assam Women’s University

Address: Jamuguri, Rowriah, Near Airport, Jorhat, Assam 785004

Phone: 0376 231 0068


Courses: Graduation and Post-graduation (MBA) (MCA) (MTM)

(M.A in Education) (B.A in Psychology)  (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)

University Type: Public

Total enrollment: 

Founded Year: 2013


Vice-chancellor: Prof. K.M.Bujarbaruah

The university has been established on 2013 in Assam by State Legislature of Assam as a State University vide Notification LGL, dated 21.08.2013 and is empowered to award degrees as specified by the UGC because  of it’s good rating, education, and good positive environment in campus. To provide for facilities and offer opportunities to women for education in applied science, arts, technology, industry, commerce, management and social science by instruction, training, research, development and extension and by such other means as the University may deem fit. This university provides training for all students and they get good placement services as well as good education with high technology with good education level.   To promote research in applied science and arts, technology, industry, commerce, management and social science for the advancement of knowledge and for the betterment of the society particularly with focus on women's perspective.

This university provide all education course in graduation and post-graduation such as (M.A in Education) (B.A in Psychology) (Bachelor of Physiotherapy). To serve as a center for fostering co-operation and exchange of ideas between the academic and research community on the one hand and industry on the other technology. This university is co-educated because of it’s good education and technology for girls. This university has anti-raging staff and subunit and training service also which held by the university for all students to make their future secure. This university has a lot of computer center and colleges also for the advances knowledge of technology in engineering and computer science.

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