KFU Karnataka Folker University

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University: Karnataka Folklore University

Address: Shiggavi Taluk, Haveri District, Gotagodi, Karnataka 581197

Phone: 0836 225 5180

Chancellor: Pro. D. B. Naik.

Courses: (Folk Arts Education) (Folk Theater Education) (Traditional Knowledge System Education) (BBA –) (M.BA.) (BA- ) (MA) (BPA) (M.Phil) (P.hD)

University Type: Public/Government

Total enrollment: 

Founded Year: 2011

Website: janapadauni.in


Karnataka Folker University has been established in 2011 in Karnataka to serve the education to the nation and all candidates. This floor art, literature and culture are all unique and unique. Similarly, the state government has established the first Folk University in the world at for the purpose of conserving and sustaining these art, culture and cosmology.  Haveri district is basically a home of art-artists. The campus of the center of the folk university is in a beautiful natural environment and is an ideal place for higher education. 36 km from Haveri town, the district headquarters. And 6 km from Shiggaon, a taluk center. The university is operating at Gotagodi at a distance of National Highway-4. Folk University has retained a unique academic trait and is committed to the study and development of domestic knowledge traditions in accordance with the current needs. The University specializes in its relevance as an alternative knowledge base for the world of populism, their wisdom and globalization, which is a rapidly changing world. Unlike the noble language propaganda, emphasizes cultural expression and oral cognition in oral.

The University specializes in folk and its affiliation with MA, M.Sc., M.BA.A, P.D. The program has been implemented to provide some combination of programs. Its aim is to grow as a core center for all activities of folklore throughout Karnataka and across the country. A huge museum will be constructed at the university to unveil the rich cultural and cultural culture of Karnataka. 

The Karnataka Government of Karnataka has started the Karnataka Folklore University for the study of Karnataka Folk Culture and for the development of Kannada folk science in order to bless all the aspirations of Kannada. 

The Karnataka Janapada University will soon be able to successfully accomplish the great potential of introducing and implementing the folk culture of Karnataka with the rich cultural heritage in Karnataka culture with the help of the Government of Karnataka in the near future. In the present year, folk surveying and documentation have been made to study folk culture in different perspectives. It is a pride that Karnataka has been blessed with the establishment of this university, creating a new opportunity in the higher education center by providing a meaningful study of Kannada culture in India, a multilingual culture country.

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